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Anchor Line Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Anchor Line Treatment Center provides intensive outpatient therapy.  Our intensive outpatient program specializes in the treatment of clients who suffer from impulse control disorders such as gambling and shopping, drug and alcohol dependence, internet and gaming addiction, body-image disorders, eating disorders, and hoarding. We also treat patients with dual-diagnoses and dual addictions.  These clients often feel out of control and helpless. Anchor Line  Treatment Center is there to assist clients and their families in understanding not only the problem behaviors of the particular client but in confronting emotional conflicts.

We provide clients with frequent sessions, often multiple daily sessions, as they explore their painful and often traumatic history. Painful feelings and depressed mood are often the primary “triggers” that fuel and motivate impulsive behavior. The impulsive behavior is an attempt to escape this pain, pain which results from an individual’s life history and emotional injury. We ask each client to face their genuine emotions and life history, allowing the client to learn and experience emotional regulation and new ways of coping with their emotional needs.

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